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  1. Photo of Paul de Lussanet

    Paul de Lussanet Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Chiem van Houweninge

    Chiem van Houweninge Screenplay

  3. Photo of Gerard Reve

    Gerard Reve Screenplay

  4. Photo of Hugo Metsers

    Hugo Metsers Cast

  5. Photo of Hans Dagelet

    Hans Dagelet Cast

  6. Photo of Bill van Dijk

    Bill van Dijk Cast

  7. Photo of Albert Mol

    Albert Mol Cast

  8. Photo of Pleuni Touw

    Pleuni Touw Cast

  9. Photo of Marina de Graaf

    Marina de Graaf Cast

  10. Photo of Astrid Nijgh

    Astrid Nijgh Cast

  11. Photo of Gerard Cox

    Gerard Cox Cast

  12. Photo of Paul van den Bos

    Paul van den Bos Cinematography

  13. Photo of Laurens van Rooyen

    Laurens van Rooyen Music

  14. Photo of Matthijs van Heijningen

    Matthijs van Heijningen Producer

  15. Photo of Hans van Dongen

    Hans van Dongen Editing

  16. Photo of Victor Dekker

    Victor Dekker Sound