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  1. Photo of Mario Monicelli

    Mario Monicelli Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Leonardo Benvenuti

    Leonardo Benvenuti Screenplay

  3. Photo of Suso Cecchi D'Amico

    Suso Cecchi D'Amico Screenplay

  4. Photo of Piero De Bernardi

    Piero De Bernardi Screenplay

  5. Photo of Rodolfo Angelico

    Rodolfo Angelico Screenplay

  6. Photo of Paolo Villaggio

    Paolo Villaggio Cast

  7. Photo of Massimo Ceccherini

    Massimo Ceccherini Cast

  8. Photo of Vittorio Rap

    Vittorio Rap Cast

  9. Photo of Marco Graziani

    Marco Graziani Cast

  10. Photo of Giuseppe Oppedisano

    Giuseppe Oppedisano Cast

  11. Photo of Childs Elijah Raynard

    Childs Elijah Raynard Cast

  12. Photo of Béatrice Macola

    Béatrice Macola Cast

  13. Photo of Antonella Ponziani

    Antonella Ponziani Cast

  14. Photo of Stefano Davanzati

    Stefano Davanzati Cast

  15. Photo of Paolo Hendel

    Paolo Hendel Cast

  16. Photo of Novello Novelli

    Novello Novelli Cast

  17. Photo of Eva Grimaldi

    Eva Grimaldi Cast

  18. Photo of Sergio Pierattini

    Sergio Pierattini Cast

  19. Photo of Giovanni Pellegrino

    Giovanni Pellegrino Cast

  20. Photo of Antonella Fattori

    Antonella Fattori Cast

  21. Photo of Giuliano Ghiselli

    Giuliano Ghiselli Cast

  22. Photo of Roberta Pinzauti

    Roberta Pinzauti Cast

  23. Photo of Gavino Bondioli

    Gavino Bondioli Cast

  24. Photo of Tonino Nardi

    Tonino Nardi Cinematography

  25. Photo of Leonardo Conte

    Leonardo Conte Production Design

  26. Photo of Franco Vecchi

    Franco Vecchi Production Design

  27. Photo of Mario Cecchi Gori

    Mario Cecchi Gori Producer

  28. Photo of Vittorio Cecchi Gori

    Vittorio Cecchi Gori Producer

  29. Photo of Daniele Passani

    Daniele Passani Executive Producer

  30. Photo of Ruggero Mastroianni

    Ruggero Mastroianni Editing