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  1. Photo of Christian Braad Thomsen

    Christian Braad Thomsen Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Mette Knudsen

    Mette Knudsen Screenplay and Cast

  3. Photo of Steen Kaalø

    Steen Kaalø Cast

  4. Photo of Agneta Ekmanner

    Agneta Ekmanner Cast

  5. Photo of Ebbe Kløvedal Reich

    Ebbe Kløvedal Reich Cast

  6. Photo of Birgit Brüel

    Birgit Brüel Cast

  7. Photo of Elin Reimer

    Elin Reimer Cast

  8. Photo of Olaf Nielsen

    Olaf Nielsen Cast

  9. Photo of Bent Conradi

    Bent Conradi Cast

  10. Photo of Erik Nørgaard

    Erik Nørgaard Cast

  11. Photo of Poul Malmkjær

    Poul Malmkjær Cast

  12. Photo of Vagn Peyk

    Vagn Peyk Cast

  13. Photo of Børge Høst

    Børge Høst Cast

  14. Photo of Lene Larsen

    Lene Larsen Cast

  15. Photo of Kasper Neergaard

    Kasper Neergaard Cast

  16. Photo of Kathrine Windfeld

    Kathrine Windfeld Cast

  17. Photo of Nils Ufer

    Nils Ufer Cast

  18. Photo of Mary Berntsen

    Mary Berntsen Cast

  19. Photo of Bodil Birket-Smith

    Bodil Birket-Smith Cast

  20. Photo of Jette Boysen

    Jette Boysen Cast

  21. Photo of Susanne Giese

    Susanne Giese Cast

  22. Photo of Bente Graugaard

    Bente Graugaard Cast

  23. Photo of Claus Hesselberg

    Claus Hesselberg Cast

  24. Photo of Sten Grove Møller

    Sten Grove Møller Cast

  25. Photo of Bente Simonsen

    Bente Simonsen Cast

  26. Photo of Dirk Brüel

    Dirk Brüel Cinematography

  27. Photo of Blue Sun

    Blue Sun Music

  28. Photo of Anders Refn

    Anders Refn Editing

  29. Photo of Gert Madsen

    Gert Madsen Sound