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  1. tintinmugshot's rating of the film Dear Pyongyang

    The father is much, much more deeper than his dumb "filmaker" daughter.

  2. sedmacedo's rating of the film Dear Pyongyang

    a very personal account that gets to bring about the sensibility of people and their families dismantled by the two koreas issue. more than beautiful. truthful.

  3. Myles's rating of the film Dear Pyongyang

    Some really wonderful, fascinating cinema vérité footage of the filmmaker's family's strange straddling between ideologies.

  4. CAlvin Moss's rating of the film Dear Pyongyang

  5. hyobin's rating of the film Dear Pyongyang

    Home video-style documentary about Yang Yong-hi's parents, and what diaspora and Pyongyang means to both them and the director who are Koreans living in Japan. When she states, "I now know what Pyongyang means to my father", a part of me didn't understand that concluding line. This film is very personal yet as a Korean person in Canada, there were a lot of feelings I shared with this film.

  6. oki's rating of the film Dear Pyongyang

    I don't think I could watch this film with another person around; it made me cry too much. This is a document of many kinds of love, all very palpable: love for lost possibilities, love of music (memories of a man who couldn't live without his Beethoven on headphones, a piano played by candlelight in Pyongyang), lovingly made boxes for survival, love for an ailing father.