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  1. Photo of Thomas Vinterberg

    Thomas Vinterberg Director

  2. Photo of Lars von Trier

    Lars von Trier Screenplay

  3. Photo of Jamie Bell

    Jamie Bell Cast

  4. Photo of Danso Gordon

    Danso Gordon Cast

  5. Photo of Chris Owen

    Chris Owen Cast

  6. Photo of Bill Pullman

    Bill Pullman Cast

  7. Photo of Michael Angarano

    Michael Angarano Cast

  8. Photo of Alison Pill

    Alison Pill Cast

  9. Photo of Novella Nelson

    Novella Nelson Cast

  10. Photo of Mark Webber

    Mark Webber Cast

  11. Photo of Trevor Cooper

    Trevor Cooper Cast

  12. Photo of Matthew Géczy

    Matthew Géczy Cast

  13. Photo of William Hootkins

    William Hootkins Cast

  14. Photo of Teddy Kempner

    Teddy Kempner Cast

  15. Photo of Thomas Bo Larsen

    Thomas Bo Larsen Cast

  16. Photo of Anthony Dod Mantle

    Anthony Dod Mantle Cinematography

  17. Photo of Benjamin Wallfisch

    Benjamin Wallfisch Music

  18. Photo of Karl Júlíusson

    Karl Júlíusson Production Design

  19. Photo of Jette Lehmann

    Jette Lehmann Production Design

  20. Photo of Sisse Graum Jørgensen

    Sisse Graum Jørgensen Producer

  21. Photo of Bo Ehrhardt

    Bo Ehrhardt Executive Producer

  22. Photo of Peter Garde

    Peter Garde Executive Producer

  23. Photo of Birgitte Hald

    Birgitte Hald Executive Producer

  24. Photo of Peter Aalbæk Jensen

    Peter Aalbæk Jensen Executive Producer

  25. Photo of Mikkel E.G. Nielsen

    Mikkel E.G. Nielsen Editing

  26. Photo of Kristian Eidnes Andersen

    Kristian Eidnes Andersen Sound