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  1. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Dear Wendy

    So interesting, and yet so didactic. I hate that. Great performances.

  2. Khach Glauberrocha's rating of the film Dear Wendy

  3. Superfrog's rating of the film Dear Wendy

    Considering the subject it should be a complete wreck but it manages to be fairly watcheable. I just can get myself to recommend it.

  4. Rennovatio's rating of the film Dear Wendy

  5. Fabian's rating of the film Dear Wendy

    Buena, pero un poco moralista y aleccionadora. Buenos personajes, buena historia y muy buen soundtrack, pero todo se va cuando, al parecer, la película intenta dar un menseje sobre las armas. Sobresalen las actuaciones de los jóvenes actores.

  6.'s rating of the film Dear Wendy

    A parable about gunslinging America no doubt, but one that cannot quite make up its mind whether it IS about a lethal fascination with guns, or about the 'Western' genre, or Hollywoods obsession with youth and sentimentalism. And why the clumsy racist stereotypes?

  7. RoRoRoro's rating of the film Dear Wendy

  8. jpmurphy1's rating of the film Dear Wendy

    Very similar in style and pace to Dogville and an interesting critique of American's gun laws and culture. Amusing at times and as senseless as the culture it captures.

  9. dAlton Anthony's rating of the film Dear Wendy

    I am sympathetic to this project but it was tedious as all hell and I never found anything to latch on to. From colonial settlerism to the spaghetti Western, Europeans have always felt at ease projecting themselves upon the Americas. But they never get it right. Dear Wendy tries to take on the country's divided history from racism (note the confederate flag) to industrialism and when this fails descends into satire.

  10. Dogville59's rating of the film Dear Wendy

    von Trier is why my MUBI user name is Dogville59. He wrote Dear Wendy and along with direction by Thomas Vinterberg made this movie. Trier is able to scathingly expose American insanity in this case via its obsession with the gun.Gun proponents should watch this movie. Powerful and cuts through the dark side of America as only Trier can: the same way Dogville does. No wonder a certain segment of America hates him.

  11. Gaurav Singhmar's rating of the film Dear Wendy

    The trouble with parables is they tend to overpromise on depth and underdeliver on the promise. But a word to the preponderant run of comment here - the gun is a metaphor for confidence which cultivated inside develops strength and reserve but also naivete and misapprehension, and so on, it's so obvious I feel cheap for bringing it up. This is not a film about NRA culture for god's sake.

  12. Richard Doyle's rating of the film Dear Wendy

    I thought this was a sharp bit of satire about a group of young social misfits who develop a fascination with guns. They form a strange, insular social group called "The Dandies" that makes them feel more powerful and self-assured, while also divorcing them from reality. Their loss of a firm grip on reality leads to a bizarre, violent climax.

  13. TafollaMX's rating of the film Dear Wendy

    Muchos comentarios negativos! sin embargo a mi me gustaron los personajes (y el gran soundtrack. Sin profundizar mucho en la historia y su significado, creo que es bastante entretenida. Al personaje de Susan le faltó una pizca mas de participación para ponerla dentro de mis favoritos!

  14. Zepo's rating of the film Dear Wendy

    Un absurdo exquisito que entretiene fundamentado, como casi todas las peliculas Dogmaticas, en un clarividente hilo conductor

  15. Lucii Lugo's rating of the film Dear Wendy

    Querida Wendy no está muy alejada de las historias que escribe von Trier, ya que es evidente la crítica a la cultura de las armas en Estados Unidos y tiene un final muy a su estilo. La actuación de Jaimie Campbell fue bastante buena, pero fuera de eso, la historia no me impactó ni generó ninguna emoción. La escena final es bastante buena, pero fuera de eso, no disfrute, ni sufrí, ni sentí nada con esta película.

  16. V Daniel López's rating of the film Dear Wendy

    Una pena y decepción total saber que Lars von Trier haya escrito el guión de esto.

  17. El Mau's rating of the film Dear Wendy

    Va de más a menos... buenas actuaciones pero la historia es tonta...

  18. Simone Ginzburg's rating of the film Dear Wendy

    So Von Trier to be very irritating, and more and more unpleasant to watch

  19. BONAN's rating of the film Dear Wendy

    Un très bon film (images, décors, personnages, scénario). A comparer avec d'autres du même réalisateur ... Je ne crois pas avoir saisi le retournement de situation : la peur démesurée face à ce gang reste inexpliquée. Bon film.

  20. Soizic Izzi's rating of the film Dear Wendy

    Dommage de devoir mettre une étoile : juste débile...

  21. azoulay's rating of the film Dear Wendy

    Qui sait, peut-être que ce film rend compte avec justesse des névroses de la société US. Mais il faut dire que tout cela est compliqué et que la logique des auteurs est profondément égoïste. Sans souci des invraisemblances , pas de porte d'entrée dans cette histoire pour affranchis mais affranchis de quoi au juste? finalement on s'en fiche !

  22. Fabio Ornelas's rating of the film Dear Wendy

  23. knemo's rating of the film Dear Wendy

  24. anarresti's rating of the film Dear Wendy

    Pacifists with guns. Here's a very good exploration of how that has to fail. Probably what I would like for this film (don't know if Lars Von Triers' original play has it) is a sense of universality, That we find in stories/films like "Lord of The Flies", "Blindness" or "The Road". Or even in Haneke's "The White Ribbon". And this just just feels like it's «only» aimed at USA's gun craze. But maybe it's me.

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