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  1. Richmond Hill's rating of the film Death in the Seine

    A rather late outing for Greenaway’s earlier COI-style of short filmmaking married with his then familiar technique of video-overlay. It’s a welcome return of the poker-faced narration, mordant humour and obfuscation of fact by endless lists. There’s a levelling quality to the mortuary slab shots and it’s a salutary exercise that, regardless of the back stories recounted, man is mortal and equalised at death.

  2. FISCHER's rating of the film Death in the Seine

    "Entre 1795 et 1801, 306 cadavres ont été repêchés de la Seine. A partir des procès-verbaux établis par les employés de la morgue, le cinéaste s'est livré à l'étude de 25 cas significatifs" ..... Fascinant !

  3. francisca bacon's rating of the film Death in the Seine

    3,5 In V. Hugo’s "Quatrevingt-treize", a character goes on for eight pages enumerating names and places to a messenger, whelmed in a cataloguing fury that sounds like interjection music (for we can't remember nor portray the proper nouns' long litany), making us realize the grandness of the hydra-headed Vendée insurrection - endemic in the cities, meadows, backwoods. Poetics of Excess: extensional definition employed