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  1. Photo of Edith Carlmar

    Edith Carlmar Director

  2. Photo of Otto Carlmar

    Otto Carlmar Screenplay

  3. Photo of Arne Moen

    Arne Moen Screenplay

  4. Photo of Claus Wiese

    Claus Wiese Cast

  5. Photo of Bjørg Riiser-Larsen

    Bjørg Riiser-Larsen Cast

  6. Photo of Ingolf Rogde

    Ingolf Rogde Cast

  7. Photo of Gisle Straume

    Gisle Straume Cast

  8. Photo of Einar Vaage

    Einar Vaage Cast

  9. Photo of Bjørn Breigutu

    Bjørn Breigutu Cast

  10. Photo of T. Tomter

    T. Tomter Cast

  11. Photo of Eva Bergh

    Eva Bergh Cast

  12. Photo of Edel Stenberg

    Edel Stenberg Cast

  13. Photo of Anne Gullestad

    Anne Gullestad Cast

  14. Photo of Kåre Bergstrøm

    Kåre Bergstrøm Cinematography

  15. Photo of Sverre Bergh

    Sverre Bergh Music