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  1. Photo of Theodor Kotulla

    Theodor Kotulla Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Robert Merle

    Robert Merle Screenplay

  3. Photo of Götz George

    Götz George Cast

  4. Photo of Elisabeth Schwarz

    Elisabeth Schwarz Cast

  5. Photo of Kurt Hübner

    Kurt Hübner Cast

  6. Photo of Hans Korte

    Hans Korte Cast

  7. Photo of Siegurd Fitzek

    Siegurd Fitzek Cast

  8. Photo of Walter Czaschke

    Walter Czaschke Cast

  9. Photo of Kai Taschner

    Kai Taschner Cast

  10. Photo of Matthias Fuchs

    Matthias Fuchs Cast

  11. Photo of Péter Franke

    Péter Franke Cast

  12. Photo of Wilfried Elste

    Wilfried Elste Cast

  13. Photo of Claus-Dieter Reents

    Claus-Dieter Reents Cast

  14. Photo of Anke Tegtmeyer

    Anke Tegtmeyer Cast

  15. Photo of Hermann Guenther

    Hermann Guenther Cast

  16. Photo of Peter Petran

    Peter Petran Cast

  17. Photo of Werner Eichhorn

    Werner Eichhorn Cast

  18. Photo of Peter Moland

    Peter Moland Cast

  19. Photo of Werner Schwuchow

    Werner Schwuchow Cast

  20. Photo of Hans Schulze

    Hans Schulze Cast

  21. Photo of Dieter Naujeck

    Dieter Naujeck Cinematography

  22. Photo of Eberhard Weber

    Eberhard Weber Music

  23. Photo of Wolfgang Schuenke

    Wolfgang Schuenke Production Design

  24. Photo of Volker Canaris

    Volker Canaris Producer

  25. Photo of Nils Nilson

    Nils Nilson Producer

  26. Photo of Wolfgang Richter

    Wolfgang Richter Editing

  27. Photo of Karl Baumgartner

    Karl Baumgartner Sound

  28. Photo of Günter Scheir

    Günter Scheir Sound

  29. Photo of Uta Wilhelm

    Uta Wilhelm Costume Design