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  1. Photo of Mario di Nardo

    Mario di Nardo Screenplay

  2. Photo of Sergio Garrone

    Sergio Garrone Screenplay

  3. Photo of Harald Philipp

    Harald Philipp Screenplay and Director

  4. Photo of Max Pierre Schaeffer

    Max Pierre Schaeffer Screenplay

  5. Photo of Dean Reed

    Dean Reed Cast

  6. Photo of Adolfo Celi

    Adolfo Celi Cast

  7. Photo of Fabio Testi

    Fabio Testi Cast

  8. Photo of Femi Benussi

    Femi Benussi Cast

  9. Photo of Anita Ekberg

    Anita Ekberg Cast

  10. Photo of Ini Assmann

    Ini Assmann Cast

  11. Photo of Leon Askin

    Leon Askin Cast

  12. Photo of Werner Peters

    Werner Peters Cast

  13. Photo of Riccardo Garrone

    Riccardo Garrone Cast

  14. Photo of Mario Brega

    Mario Brega Cast

  15. Photo of Hélène Chanel

    Hélène Chanel Cast

  16. Photo of Renato Baldini

    Renato Baldini Cast

  17. Photo of Teodoro Corrà

    Teodoro Corrà Cast

  18. Photo of Antonietta Fiorito

    Antonietta Fiorito Cast

  19. Photo of Lanfranco Cobianchi

    Lanfranco Cobianchi Cast

  20. Photo of Tom Felleghy

    Tom Felleghy Cast

  21. Photo of Nadja Tiller

    Nadja Tiller Cast

  22. Photo of Claudio Racca

    Claudio Racca Cinematography

  23. Photo of Piero Umiliani

    Piero Umiliani Music

  24. Photo of Herbert Maris

    Herbert Maris Producer

  25. Photo of Alfred Srp

    Alfred Srp Editing