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  1. Photo of Duccio Tessari

    Duccio Tessari Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Artur Brauner

    Artur Brauner Screenplay and Producer

  3. Photo of Biagio Proietti

    Biagio Proietti Screenplay

  4. Photo of Giorgio Scerbanenco

    Giorgio Scerbanenco Screenplay

  5. Photo of Gillian Bray

    Gillian Bray Cast

  6. Photo of Gigi Rizzi

    Gigi Rizzi Cast

  7. Photo of Checco Rissone

    Checco Rissone Cast

  8. Photo of Wilma Casagrande

    Wilma Casagrande Cast

  9. Photo of Marco Mariani

    Marco Mariani Cast

  10. Photo of Jack La Cayenne

    Jack La Cayenne Cast

  11. Photo of Raf Vallone

    Raf Vallone Cast

  12. Photo of Frank Wolff

    Frank Wolff Cast

  13. Photo of Gabriele Tinti

    Gabriele Tinti Cast

  14. Photo of Eva Renzi

    Eva Renzi Cast

  15. Photo of Beryl Cunningham

    Beryl Cunningham Cast

  16. Photo of Lamberto Caimi

    Lamberto Caimi Cinematography

  17. Photo of Gianni Ferrio

    Gianni Ferrio Music

  18. Photo of Giuseppe Tortorella

    Giuseppe Tortorella Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Mario Morra

    Mario Morra Editing