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  1. Photo of Hideo Gosha

    Hideo Gosha Director

  2. Photo of Motomu Furuta

    Motomu Furuta Screenplay

  3. Photo of Mariko Ishihara

    Mariko Ishihara Cast

  4. Photo of Masanori Sera

    Masanori Sera Cast

  5. Photo of Mari Natsuki

    Mari Natsuki Cast

  6. Photo of Takuzo Kawatani

    Takuzo Kawatani Cast

  7. Photo of Takeo Chii

    Takeo Chii Cast

  8. Photo of Tsunehiko Watase

    Tsunehiko Watase Cast

  9. Photo of Naoto Takenaka

    Naoto Takenaka Cast

  10. Photo of Eitarô Ozawa

    Eitarô Ozawa Cast

  11. Photo of Fujio Morita

    Fujio Morita Cinematography

  12. Photo of Masaru Satô

    Masaru Satô Music

  13. Photo of Yoshio Tokuda

    Yoshio Tokuda Producer

  14. Photo of Yoshinobu Nishioka

    Yoshinobu Nishioka Producer and Production Design

  15. Photo of Takeshi Endo

    Takeshi Endo Producer

  16. Photo of Kinen Masumoto

    Kinen Masumoto Producer

  17. Photo of Hideji Miyajima

    Hideji Miyajima Producer

  18. Photo of Isamu Ichida

    Isamu Ichida Editing

  19. Photo of Iwao Ôtani

    Iwao Ôtani Sound

  20. Photo of Ichirô Hoshi

    Ichirô Hoshi Sound