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  1. Photo of Joe D'Amato

    Joe D'Amato Director, Screenplay, Cinematography

  2. Photo of Romano Scandariato

    Romano Scandariato Screenplay

  3. Photo of Ewa Aulin

    Ewa Aulin Cast

  4. Photo of Klaus Kinski

    Klaus Kinski Cast

  5. Photo of Angela Bo

    Angela Bo Cast

  6. Photo of Sergio Doria

    Sergio Doria Cast

  7. Photo of Attilio Dottesio

    Attilio Dottesio Cast

  8. Photo of Oscar Santaniello

    Oscar Santaniello Producer

  9. Photo of Berto Pisano

    Berto Pisano Music

  10. Photo of Piera Bruni

    Piera Bruni Editing

  11. Photo of Gianfranco Simoncelli

    Gianfranco Simoncelli Editing

  12. Photo of Claudio Bernabei

    Claudio Bernabei Production Design, Screenplay

  13. Photo of Giacomo Rossi Stuart

    Giacomo Rossi Stuart Cast

  14. Photo of Luciano Rossi

    Luciano Rossi Cast