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  1. Photo of Dick Richards

    Dick Richards Director

  2. Photo of Elliott Kastner

    Elliott Kastner Producer

  3. Photo of Richard Rothstein

    Richard Rothstein Screenplay

  4. Photo of Stephen H. Burum

    Stephen H. Burum Cinematography

  5. Photo of Paul Le Mat

    Paul Le Mat Cast

  6. Photo of Catherine Hicks

    Catherine Hicks Cast

  7. Photo of Stephen McHattie

    Stephen McHattie Cast

  8. Photo of Wilford Brimley

    Wilford Brimley Cast

  9. Photo of Peter Billingsley

    Peter Billingsley Cast

  10. Photo of Edward Herrmann

    Edward Herrmann Cast

  11. Photo of Joel Cox

    Joel Cox Editing

  12. Photo of Allan H. Jones

    Allan H. Jones Production Design

  13. Photo of Doug Grindstaff

    Doug Grindstaff Sound

  14. Photo of Donald O. Mitchell

    Donald O. Mitchell Sound

  15. Photo of Bill Nicholson

    Bill Nicholson Sound

  16. Photo of Roger Schweitzer

    Roger Schweitzer Sound

  17. Photo of James E. Webb

    James E. Webb Sound

  18. Photo of Forest Williams

    Forest Williams Sound

  19. Photo of Patrick Cummings

    Patrick Cummings Costume Design