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  1. Photo of Luciano Ercoli

    Luciano Ercoli Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Sergio Corbucci

    Sergio Corbucci Screenplay

  3. Photo of Ernesto Gastaldi

    Ernesto Gastaldi Screenplay

  4. Photo of Guido Leoni

    Guido Leoni Screenplay

  5. Photo of Mahnahén Velasco

    Mahnahén Velasco Screenplay

  6. Photo of Manuel Velasco

    Manuel Velasco Screenplay

  7. Photo of Nieves Navarro

    Nieves Navarro Cast

  8. Photo of Simón Andreu

    Simón Andreu Cast

  9. Photo of Pietro Martellanza

    Pietro Martellanza Cast

  10. Photo of Claudie Lange

    Claudie Lange Cast

  11. Photo of Carlo Gentili

    Carlo Gentili Cast

  12. Photo of Ivano Staccioli

    Ivano Staccioli Cast

  13. Photo of Fabrizio Moresco

    Fabrizio Moresco Cast

  14. Photo of Claudio Pellegrini

    Claudio Pellegrini Cast

  15. Photo of Luciano Rossi

    Luciano Rossi Cast

  16. Photo of Raúl Aparici

    Raúl Aparici Cast

  17. Photo of Giuliana Rivera

    Giuliana Rivera Cast

  18. Photo of Fernando Arribas

    Fernando Arribas Cinematography

  19. Photo of Gianni Ferrio

    Gianni Ferrio Music

  20. Photo of Francesco Di Stefano

    Francesco Di Stefano Production Design

  21. Photo of Juan Alberto Soler

    Juan Alberto Soler Production Design

  22. Photo of Alberto Pugliese

    Alberto Pugliese Producer

  23. Photo of Angelo Curi

    Angelo Curi Editing