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  1. Filipe F. Coutinho's rating of the film Death Wish

    Eli Roth continues his impressive run of auteur driven B-movies, a sub-genre he often uses to satirize american society. As with many of Roth’s projects, blink and you just might miss a nuanced thesis on an ambiguous issue. Here, he constructs an old fashioned, well paced, rewarding narrative of action and suspense. Throughout, he sprinkles moments of hilarity with clever writing and skillful directing.

  2. Ghostman's rating of the film Death Wish

    Death Wish is a comical satire on gun culture and vigilantism in America. I've always supported the notion that Eli Roth was a satirist, though many would seem to disagree. This new iteration of Death Wish is a self-reflexive parody of itself & its predecessor, with insightful commentary on the toxic gun culture in America & its ineffectual response to both crime & law enforcement, tongue in cheek & all.

  3. Eric Ortiz García's rating of the film Death Wish

  4. THE APOLL0's rating of the film Death Wish

    Hilarious satire, could barely stop laughing in the theater with half the audience.

  5. Steve Pulaski's rating of the film Death Wish

    While MGM forgoing "Death Wish"'s original Thanksgiving release date for one that posed less competition, it comes at an inopportune time after the Parkland high school shooting. Certainly for some, Eli Roth's film will infuriate given its unfortunate release date, while for others, a remake of the 1974 vigilante film might come at the best time. My opinion is simple: there's never a good time to see a mediocre film.