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  1. Photo of Allan Arkush

    Allan Arkush Director and Editing

  2. Photo of Nicholas Niciphor

    Nicholas Niciphor Director and Screenplay

  3. Photo of Roger Corman

    Roger Corman Director and Producer

  4. Photo of Donald Ogden Stewart

    Donald Ogden Stewart Screenplay

  5. Photo of Frances Doel

    Frances Doel Story

  6. Photo of David Carradine

    David Carradine Cast

  7. Photo of Claudia Jennings

    Claudia Jennings Cast

  8. Photo of Richard Lynch

    Richard Lynch Cast

  9. Photo of William Smithers

    William Smithers Cast

  10. Photo of Will Walker

    Will Walker Cast

  11. Photo of David McLean

    David McLean Cast

  12. Photo of Jesse Vint

    Jesse Vint Cast

  13. Photo of H.B. Haggerty

    H.B. Haggerty Cast

  14. Photo of John Himes

    John Himes Cast

  15. Photo of Jim Galante

    Jim Galante Cast

  16. Photo of Ron Gans

    Ron Gans Cast

  17. Photo of Linnea Quigley

    Linnea Quigley Cast

  18. Photo of Gary Graver

    Gary Graver Cinematography

  19. Photo of Andy Stein

    Andy Stein Music

  20. Photo of Larry Bock

    Larry Bock Editing

  21. Photo of Patricia Lee

    Patricia Lee Editing

  22. Photo of Richard L. Anderson

    Richard L. Anderson Sound

  23. Photo of Stephen Hunter Flick

    Stephen Hunter Flick Sound

  24. Photo of Paul Hunt

    Paul Hunt Sound

  25. Photo of David Lewis Yewdall

    David Lewis Yewdall Sound

  26. Photo of Jane Ruhm

    Jane Ruhm Costume Design

  27. Photo of Sharon Compton

    Sharon Compton Art Department

  28. Photo of Roger George

    Roger George Special Effects

  29. Photo of Ben Haller

    Ben Haller Special Effects

  30. Photo of Phil Huff

    Phil Huff Visual Effects

  31. Photo of Jack Rabin

    Jack Rabin Visual Effects