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  1. Photo of Jamie Bell

    Jamie Bell Cast

  2. Photo of Andy Serkis

    Andy Serkis Cast

  3. Photo of Matthew Rhys

    Matthew Rhys Cast

  4. Photo of Hugo Speer

    Hugo Speer Cast

  5. Photo of Rúaidhrí Conroy

    Rúaidhrí Conroy Cast

  6. Photo of Mike Downey

    Mike Downey Cast and Producer

  7. Photo of Laurence Fox

    Laurence Fox Cast

  8. Photo of Roman Horak

    Roman Horak Cast

  9. Photo of Dean Lennox Kelly

    Dean Lennox Kelly Cast

  10. Photo of Torben Liebrecht

    Torben Liebrecht Cast

  11. Photo of Kris Marshall

    Kris Marshall Cast

  12. Photo of Michael J. Bassett

    Michael J. Bassett Screenplay and Director

  13. Photo of Caroline Hewitt

    Caroline Hewitt Executive Producer

  14. Photo of Frank Hübner

    Frank Hübner Producer

  15. Photo of Sam Lavender

    Sam Lavender Executive Producer

  16. Photo of Dan Maag

    Dan Maag Executive Producer

  17. Photo of Sam Taylor

    Sam Taylor Producer

  18. Photo of Curt Cress

    Curt Cress Music

  19. Photo of Chris Weller

    Chris Weller Music

  20. Photo of Hubert Taczanowski

    Hubert Taczanowski Cinematography

  21. Photo of Anne Sopel

    Anne Sopel Editing

  22. Photo of Aleksandar Denic

    Aleksandar Denic Production Design

  23. Photo of Nick Adams

    Nick Adams Sound

  24. Photo of Hans Matheson

    Hans Matheson Cast

  25. Photo of Hugh O'Conor

    Hugh O'Conor Cast

  26. Photo of Pavel Tesar

    Pavel Tesar Cast