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  1. Photo of Jack Bernhard

    Jack Bernhard Director, Producer

  2. Photo of Bernard Brandt

    Bernard Brandt Producer

  3. Photo of Nedrick Young

    Nedrick Young Screenplay

  4. Photo of Stanley Rubin

    Stanley Rubin Screenplay

  5. Photo of L. William O'Connell

    L. William O'Connell Cinematography

  6. Photo of Jean Gillie

    Jean Gillie Cast

  7. Photo of Edward Norris

    Edward Norris Cast

  8. Photo of Robert Armstrong

    Robert Armstrong Cast

  9. Photo of Herbert Rudley

    Herbert Rudley Cast

  10. Photo of Sheldon Leonard

    Sheldon Leonard Cast

  11. Photo of Marjorie Woodworth

    Marjorie Woodworth Cast

  12. Photo of Phillip Van Zandt

    Phillip Van Zandt Cast

  13. Photo of Carole Donne

    Carole Donne Cast

  14. Photo of John Shay

    John Shay Cast

  15. Photo of Bert Roach

    Bert Roach Cast

  16. Photo of Rosemary Bertrand

    Rosemary Bertrand Cast

  17. Photo of Jason H. Bernie

    Jason H. Bernie Editing

  18. Photo of Dave Milton

    Dave Milton Production Design

  19. Photo of Edward J. Kay

    Edward J. Kay Music

  20. Photo of Tom Lambert

    Tom Lambert Sound