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  1. Shantal Abrego's rating of the film Deep Crimson

    Ripstein sabe retratar crudamente los temores que tenemos las mujeres; esta película no es la excepción. La falta de amor propio es el tema principal, pero abordado irónicamente. Amo a este director profundamente.

  2. FISCHER's rating of the film Deep Crimson

    Entre mélo et sordide, une oeuvre sympathique, comme les affectionne Ripstein...

  3. Bonnet Michel's rating of the film Deep Crimson

  4. Bull in the Heather's rating of the film Deep Crimson

    The only film I've ever seen that equalled the master's ability to trap it's characters into the same horrible box, against a wall, the film is like watching that, "anorexic space between love and hate." What Ripstein does has only been done by Naruse before and Farhadi after, he made a deeply, unrepentantly human film.

  5. cmuela's rating of the film Deep Crimson

    Odie a la tipa desde que supe que era una asquerosa madre. Los asesinatos fueron beyond evil! y finalmente la gordura y el mal aliento de la mujer ayudaban a odiarla más. No había detestado tanto a una pareja del cine en mucho tiempo lo cual me impresiono mucho. La tomas lentamente en movimiento y los escenarios tan comunes y cotidianos fueron los culpables de este maravilloso shock visual.

  6. ramosbarajas's rating of the film Deep Crimson

    In the end, it is a grotesque and horrifying story of what two individuals do to feel loved. As the film unravels, their actions become more despicable but with the masterful movement of the camera wandering the sordid interiors and the long takes, one feels part of the story as a detached voyeur. The film hits several high notes wonderfully that one begins to wonder why it isn't included in the cinematic canon.

  7. Santropez's rating of the film Deep Crimson

    This film is all that Haneke always wanted to be.

  8. César's rating of the film Deep Crimson

    gruesome and funny at times it is ultimately a little too melodramatic