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  1. Photo of José Mazeda

    José Mazeda Executive Producer

  2. Photo of Fábrica de Imagens

    Fábrica de Imagens Producer

  3. Photo of Fernando Matos Silva

    Fernando Matos Silva Screenplay and Director

  4. Photo of Maria Isabel Barreno

    Maria Isabel Barreno Screenplay

  5. Photo of José Luís Carvalhosa

    José Luís Carvalhosa Cinematography

  6. Photo of Antonino Solmer

    Antonino Solmer Cast

  7. Photo of Manuel Cavaco

    Manuel Cavaco Cast

  8. Photo of Luísa Cruz

    Luísa Cruz Cast

  9. Photo of Fátima Belo

    Fátima Belo Cast

  10. Photo of Miguel Guilherme

    Miguel Guilherme Cast

  11. Photo of Filipe Ferrer

    Filipe Ferrer Cast

  12. Photo of Márcia Breia

    Márcia Breia Cast

  13. Photo of Jocelyne Ruiz

    Jocelyne Ruiz Editing

  14. Photo of João Gil

    João Gil Music

  15. Photo of Pedro Melo

    Pedro Melo Sound