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  1. Photo of Lionel C. Martin

    Lionel C. Martin Director

  2. Photo of Stan Lathan

    Stan Lathan Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Robert F. Newmyer

    Robert F. Newmyer Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Jeffrey Silver

    Jeffrey Silver Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Todd R. Baker

    Todd R. Baker Producer

  6. Photo of Mark Burg

    Mark Burg Producer

  7. Photo of Preston L. Holmes

    Preston L. Holmes Producer

  8. Photo of Russell Simmons

    Russell Simmons Producer

  9. Photo of Mark Brown

    Mark Brown Screenplay

  10. Photo of Demetria Johnson

    Demetria Johnson Screenplay

  11. Photo of Bill Bellamy

    Bill Bellamy Cast

  12. Photo of Natalie Desselle

    Natalie Desselle Cast

  13. Photo of Lark Voorhies

    Lark Voorhies Cast

  14. Photo of Mari Morrow

    Mari Morrow Cast

  15. Photo of Pierre Edwards

    Pierre Edwards Cast

  16. Photo of Jermaine 'Huggy' Hopkins

    Jermaine 'Huggy' Hopkins Cast

  17. Photo of Anthony Johnson

    Anthony Johnson Cast

  18. Photo of Max Julien

    Max Julien Cast

  19. Photo of Beverly Johnson

    Beverly Johnson Cast

  20. Photo of Gilbert Gottfried

    Gilbert Gottfried Cast

  21. Photo of Bernie Mac

    Bernie Mac Cast

  22. Photo of Stacii Jae Johnson

    Stacii Jae Johnson Cast

  23. Photo of Elise Neal

    Elise Neal Cast

  24. Photo of J. Anthony Brown

    J. Anthony Brown Cast

  25. Photo of Amber Smith

    Amber Smith Cast

  26. Photo of Devika Parikh

    Devika Parikh Cast

  27. Photo of Bebe Drake

    Bebe Drake Cast

  28. Photo of Gillian Iliana Waters

    Gillian Iliana Waters Cast

  29. Photo of Tara Davis

    Tara Davis Cast

  30. Photo of Marta Boyett

    Marta Boyett Cast

  31. Photo of Jazsmin Lewis

    Jazsmin Lewis Cast

  32. Photo of Licia L. Shearer

    Licia L. Shearer Cast

  33. Photo of Jerod Mixon

    Jerod Mixon Cast

  34. Photo of Jamal Mixon

    Jamal Mixon Cast

  35. Photo of D.D. Rainbow

    D.D. Rainbow Cast

  36. Photo of Natashia Williams

    Natashia Williams Cast

  37. Photo of Edith Grant

    Edith Grant Cast

  38. Photo of Jesse Collins

    Jesse Collins Cast

  39. Photo of Melissa Cross

    Melissa Cross Cast

  40. Photo of Claude 'Pete' Bryant

    Claude 'Pete' Bryant Cast

  41. Photo of William Young

    William Young Editing

  42. Photo of Bruce Curtis

    Bruce Curtis Production Design

  43. Photo of Darren Floyd

    Darren Floyd Music

  44. Photo of Matthew Markey

    Matthew Markey Sound

  45. Photo of Mimi Melgaard

    Mimi Melgaard Costume Design