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  1. Photo of Giulio Macchi

    Giulio Macchi Director

  2. Photo of Vincent Sherman

    Vincent Sherman Director

  3. Photo of Giorgio Prosperi

    Giorgio Prosperi Screenplay

  4. Photo of Jacques Robert

    Jacques Robert Screenplay

  5. Photo of Ettore Giannini

    Ettore Giannini Story

  6. Photo of Suso Cecchi D'Amico

    Suso Cecchi D'Amico Story

  7. Photo of Martine Carol

    Martine Carol Cast

  8. Photo of Vittorio Gassman

    Vittorio Gassman Cast

  9. Photo of Gabriele Ferzetti

    Gabriele Ferzetti Cast

  10. Photo of Charles Vanel

    Charles Vanel Cast

  11. Photo of Giorgia Moll

    Giorgia Moll Cast

  12. Photo of Maria Del Gesso

    Maria Del Gesso Cast

  13. Photo of Arnoldo Foà

    Arnoldo Foà Cast

  14. Photo of Clelia Matania

    Clelia Matania Cast

  15. Photo of Elena Altieri

    Elena Altieri Cast

  16. Photo of Loris Gizzi

    Loris Gizzi Cast

  17. Photo of Diane Graves

    Diane Graves Cast

  18. Photo of Enrico Glori

    Enrico Glori Cast

  19. Photo of Anna Maria Del Fra

    Anna Maria Del Fra Cast

  20. Photo of Gertrude Flynn

    Gertrude Flynn Cast

  21. Photo of Mino Doro

    Mino Doro Cast

  22. Photo of Manno De Guidi

    Manno De Guidi Cast

  23. Photo of Antonella Della Porta

    Antonella Della Porta Cast

  24. Photo of Cecyl Tryan

    Cecyl Tryan Cast

  25. Photo of Gustavo De Nardo

    Gustavo De Nardo Cast

  26. Photo of Betty Foa

    Betty Foa Cast

  27. Photo of Gianni Di Venanzo

    Gianni Di Venanzo Cinematography

  28. Photo of Renzo Rossellini

    Renzo Rossellini Music

  29. Photo of Piero Filippone

    Piero Filippone Production Design

  30. Photo of Silvio Clementelli

    Silvio Clementelli Producer

  31. Photo of Mario Serandrei

    Mario Serandrei Editing

  32. Photo of Elio Costanzi

    Elio Costanzi Art Department and Costume Design