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  1. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film Defiance

    Inspired by the true story about the Belski partisans who lived deep into the Ukranian forests. It holds itself pretty close to the source material and is a gripping survival story. I like that the movie dares to show the brothers as humans doing bad decisions and have dark sides. An unnecessary action climax with a big tank has no basis with real life as if Craig needed a 007 moment. Still solid stuff though.

  2. Strophe's rating of the film Defiance

    I didn't waste my time for watching this movie. It is telling a story, it gives emotions and even after a while it makes me think about some of the scenes I have seen. Just because of this reason, I can say that I liked the movie. That is the same reason why I am not planing to watch it again. P.S. Good choice for Lithuanian forests.

  3. Thomas Dods's rating of the film Defiance

    Great cast and period detail but the story is overwrought and the film is over edited within an inch of its life. That would be Ed Zwick then!

  4. taniaburrito's rating of the film Defiance

  5. Sebastian's rating of the film Defiance

    I very much enjoyed the setup and the beginning of the film. Craig and Schreiber worked well together. However, after they separated and their two paths began, the narrative felt much more of a history survey course - we hit the big points but lost the small humanistic moments that make the characters real. Zwick relied a little too heavily on tropes to make me feel sad. That being said, a truly gut-wrenching tale.

  6. MAO1's rating of the film Defiance

  7. matthewlong1985's rating of the film Defiance

    Poor script, awkward performances and formulaic. This doesn't do its subject matter any justice.

  8. fbakal's rating of the film Defiance

    un poco gastado el tema......... me gustan las propuestas mas jugadas

  9. Ultra Kebab's rating of the film Defiance

    Rule No. 1 when making a film about partisans in Belorussia: steal as much as possible from "Idi i smotri". Cover your lack of ideas with cheesy music and use ridiculous dialogue spiced with embarassing russian accents.

  10. mpho3's rating of the film Defiance

    Amazing story but the film is a bit of a fail. Michael Phillip's Chicago Tribune review is spot-on. He laments that "the telling feels honest one minute and false the next" and remarks "the characters sound less like real people than actors in a play." He lauds Craig and Schreiber's "simmering-kettle performances" that "consistently outshine their material." Beautiful cinematography helps but watch for the history.

  11. Mohammad Aboomar's rating of the film Defiance

    Watching this film, you'd this the whole idea of Germans going to war was to hunt and kill Jews. Good, but pretty biased.

  12. Carim James's rating of the film Defiance

    Full of action from start to finish, the cast and crew capture a serene moment in the wood's full of emotion and a true story line making it worth seeing.

  13. lombaxtashie's rating of the film Defiance

    This film is really good, because of it being based on a true story . The actors are really good in this of how the characters have to survive from the Nazi's and help their fellow jews to fight for their freedom :)

  14. mjgildea's rating of the film Defiance

    The first hour of Defiance is great but unfortunately it seemed to rely heavily on the chemistry between Daniel Craig and Liev Schreiber. Once the characters were split up the movie went to hell. Picture going camping with a low-rent Schindler's List.

  15. lesliepalich's rating of the film Defiance

    The only thing that bugged me was them switching in and out of polish language. I did give it a bit more of a foreign film feel but they should have done it for the whole thing, at least in my opinion. other than that it was pretty good.

  16. Dominic Athanasiou's rating of the film Defiance

    Really good film. At first I was a bit worried that Daniel Craig's accent would not be very Eastern European but it was all right! Especially when he started talking Russian. Anyway, the film was very well done. Recommended to anyone interested in WWII films.

  17. mwnjw's rating of the film Defiance

    One of the best movies I've ever seen about WWII. Liev Schreiber is wonderful.