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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Víctor H's rating of the film Déficit

    Nada destaca. El guión tampoco ayuda

  2. Tania VB's rating of the film Déficit

    Qué triste que se haya usado dinero para hacer este ejercicio mal logrado. Sus personajes son acartonados y predecibles, su guión bastante malo.

  3. Charly Compeán's rating of the film Déficit

    Aparte de la fotografía (que está muy mal lograda), creo que el título está bien justificado en la historia: inconsciencia, discriminación, irresponsabilidad, incongruencia... Un buen retrato de la parte joven de la burguesía mexicana en la actualidad.

  4. Casanorte's rating of the film Déficit

    Un argumento débil, fotografía terrible, actuaciones mediocres y por tanto una dirección que deja mucho qué desear. Si bien la peli parece tener muy buenas intenciones de ser una cosa propositiva, el resultado termina siendo decepcionante.

  5. Enrique Vázquez Woolfolk's rating of the film Déficit

    Es un retrato bien logrado, pero en cuanto a historia creo que deja algo que desear. Buen trabajo sin embargo. El sonido si estaba un poco pobre.

  6. Carlos Pesina Siller's rating of the film Déficit

  7. Amapola's rating of the film Déficit

    Para perder el tiempo nomás.

  8. headspace spacebar's rating of the film Déficit

    Ahead of its time by a few years. I disagree with the MUBI take on this film. It's not only an unsympathetic look at the "Bourgeousie". The same lack of sympathy is awarded each character in the film. If anything Bernal's film is an indictment of lust and the chase for a rush that rules all of society today.

  9. mubi_to's rating of the film Déficit

    Me thinks it's a successful try.

  10. Bill Gould's rating of the film Déficit

    There seemed to be potential in the beginning, but at the end it didn't work for me. Very predictable.

  11. Miguel Ángel Avilés's rating of the film Déficit

    No me gusto esa película... Creo entender la idea y la historia, pero no hay algo que se rescate en la cinta. No se exigen los actores, el argumento es fácil...

  12. Michael Zick Doherty's rating of the film Déficit

    I think I'm the only one that kinda liked this movie.... and I think it was dark on purpose.

  13. Marianne's rating of the film Déficit

    Gael debería dedicarse a actuar solamente.

  14. msmichel's rating of the film Déficit

    Privileged rich boy has his friends home for a party and proceeds to try to seduce an argentine girl trying to ignore the crushing truth about his future. Bernal attempts to say something about the class structure, economic realities and the fleeting friendship of afluence but comes up short as a director. Handheld camera work pretty awful but film never boring to watch...just kind of empty.

  15. wizdom's rating of the film Déficit

    Good movie. Garcia Bernal is a very underrated actor. I would like to see him some more American movies. Motorcycle Diaries is one of my favorite movies.

  16. Товарищ Петя.'s rating of the film Déficit

    Back in 2007 when this premiered at the Gothenburg Film Fest, Gael García Bernal was hot stuff as a debutee of a director and a lot of attention was put in his direction. The film itself, to me it was a fantastic directorical debute with interesting topics. But it failed so remarkably in terms of cinematography that it wasn't even funny... Pity. Stil,l worth the 79 minutes it takes to view.

  17. Daniel Trujillo's rating of the film Déficit

    A subtle movie with a big point to make about race relations in modern day Mexico between the indigenous/mestizo people and white upper class. On the surface things seem respectful but also awkward. Just add some tension to unfold these historical animosities and we get Deficit.

  18. Petri E.'s rating of the film Déficit

    Bernal has good intentions with the story but the film falls short on many aspects. At times it's awkwardly amateurish - directing, acting, editing, photography... He is also a much much better actor when in someone else's direction.

  19. Vincenzo Carrano Di Borbone's rating of the film Déficit

    This movie is just HORRIBLE. Stupid characthers, pointless editing and the worst cinematography ever.

  20. Mynameisnotmargo's rating of the film Déficit

    As a Mixtiza, I was very disappointed by this film. It was meant 2 target the light skinned Mexicans. It was a movie that most light skinned Mexicans saw & liked. I didn't like it because Gael Gracia Bernal somehow made this movie about himself. Need proof, there's a magazine article that mentions him as a hot mexican icon in the background in the office. what was that story about Mofa? This movie lost its point.

  21. hankquin's rating of the film Déficit

    Terrible film with underdeveloped characters

  22. Haz0's rating of the film Déficit

    Mucho mejor de lo esperaba. Gran actuacion, historia profundo y real. Buenisima.

  23. abrahamgbj's rating of the film Déficit

    no está mal, si eres mexicano y estás aburrido y no se te ocurre algo más, véela...