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Ratings & Reviews

  1. William R Clark's rating of the film DeKalb Elementary

    3.5, an insane, thrilling 20 minutes that is perhaps less procedural than it thinks it is.

  2. betts's rating of the film DeKalb Elementary

    watching DeKalb Elementary like "oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck" and then "OH GOD" and then S O B B I N G this bitch is the definition of intense

  3. Rafael Fonseca's rating of the film DeKalb Elementary

    Reed Van Dyk, whoever he is, shows up with a perfect short and makes it look easy. Hard to think of any flaw on this excellent pace, script and most of all, acting. Yes, this is great because of its two lead actors, an impressive casting job and an even more impressive performance. The fear is palpable, the desperation is palpable, the tension is palpable, the relief is also palpable. A whole 'coaster. Props.