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  1. Photo of Beto Brant

    Beto Brant Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Marçal Aquino

    Marçal Aquino Screenplay

  3. Photo of Georg Büchner

    Georg Büchner Screenplay

  4. Photo of Luiz F. Carvalho Filho

    Luiz F. Carvalho Filho Screenplay

  5. Photo of Gonçalves Dias

    Gonçalves Dias Screenplay

  6. Photo of Maurício Paroni de Castro

    Maurício Paroni de Castro Screenplay

  7. Photo of Sérgio Sant'Anna

    Sérgio Sant'Anna Screenplay

  8. Photo of Marco Ricca

    Marco Ricca Cast, Screenplay Producer

  9. Photo of Lilian Taublib

    Lilian Taublib Cast

  10. Photo of Maria Manoella

    Maria Manoella Cast

  11. Photo of Felipe Ehrenberg

    Felipe Ehrenberg Cast

  12. Photo of Cláudio Assis

    Cláudio Assis Cast

  13. Photo of Renata Bastos

    Renata Bastos Cast

  14. Photo of Marcelia Cartaxo

    Marcelia Cartaxo Cast

  15. Photo of Suzan Damasceno

    Suzan Damasceno Cast

  16. Photo of Zecarlos Machado

    Zecarlos Machado Cast

  17. Photo of Kelly McQueen

    Kelly McQueen Cast

  18. Photo of Matheus Nachtergaele

    Matheus Nachtergaele Cast

  19. Photo of Adriano Stuart

    Adriano Stuart Cast

  20. Photo of Walter Carvalho

    Walter Carvalho Cinematography

  21. Photo of Marcos Pedroso

    Marcos Pedroso Production Design

  22. Photo of Renato Ciasca

    Renato Ciasca Executive Producer

  23. Photo of Bianca Villar

    Bianca Villar Executive Producer

  24. Photo of Willem Dias

    Willem Dias Editing

  25. Photo of Cauê Custódio

    Cauê Custódio Sound

  26. Photo of Beto Ferraz

    Beto Ferraz Sound

  27. Photo of Nathalia Rabczuk

    Nathalia Rabczuk Sound

  28. Photo of Louis Robin

    Louis Robin Sound

  29. Photo of Armando Torres Jr.

    Armando Torres Jr. Sound

  30. Photo of Joana Porto

    Joana Porto Costume Design