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  1. Photo of George Foster Platt

    George Foster Platt Director

  2. Photo of Francis Trevelyan Miller

    Francis Trevelyan Miller Screenplay

  3. Photo of Etna Ross

    Etna Ross Cast

  4. Photo of Tula Belle

    Tula Belle Cast

  5. Photo of Edith Lyle

    Edith Lyle Cast

  6. Photo of Betty Schade

    Betty Schade Cast

  7. Photo of Jenny Lind

    Jenny Lind Cast

  8. Photo of Sarah Lind

    Sarah Lind Cast

  9. Photo of Ann Mason

    Ann Mason Cast

  10. Photo of Helen Keller

    Helen Keller Cast

  11. Photo of Anne Sullivan

    Anne Sullivan Cast

  12. Photo of Kate Adams Keller

    Kate Adams Keller Cast

  13. Photo of Phillips Brooks Keller

    Phillips Brooks Keller Cast

  14. Photo of Polly Thompson

    Polly Thompson Cast

  15. Photo of Ardita Mellinina

    Ardita Mellinina Cast

  16. Photo of J. Parks Jones

    J. Parks Jones Cast

  17. Photo of True Boardman

    True Boardman Cast

  18. Photo of Lawrence Fowler

    Lawrence Fowler Cinematography

  19. Photo of Arthur L. Todd

    Arthur L. Todd Cinematography

  20. Photo of Anselm Goetzl

    Anselm Goetzl Music