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  1. Photo of Satyajit Ray

    Satyajit Ray Director, Screenplay Music

  2. Photo of Om Puri

    Om Puri Cast

  3. Photo of Smita Patil

    Smita Patil Cast

  4. Photo of Mohan Agashe

    Mohan Agashe Cast

  5. Photo of Gita Siddharth

    Gita Siddharth Cast

  6. Photo of Richa Mishra

    Richa Mishra Cast

  7. Photo of Salil Dhar Diwan

    Salil Dhar Diwan Cast

  8. Photo of Shyam Sundar Sharma

    Shyam Sundar Sharma Cast

  9. Photo of Wahid Shareef

    Wahid Shareef Cast

  10. Photo of Anand Chaube

    Anand Chaube Cast

  11. Photo of Anand Verma

    Anand Verma Cast

  12. Photo of Narendra Thakak

    Narendra Thakak Cast

  13. Photo of Keshri Bajgaji

    Keshri Bajgaji Cast

  14. Photo of Ratna Bhatta

    Ratna Bhatta Cast

  15. Photo of Bhaialal Hedao

    Bhaialal Hedao Cast

  16. Photo of Shefali Shukla

    Shefali Shukla Cast

  17. Photo of Soumendu Roy

    Soumendu Roy Cinematography

  18. Photo of Sushanta Bannerji

    Sushanta Bannerji Music

  19. Photo of Aloke Dey

    Aloke Dey Music

  20. Photo of Dulal Dutta

    Dulal Dutta Editing

  21. Photo of Amulya Das

    Amulya Das Sound

  22. Photo of Mangesh Desai

    Mangesh Desai Sound

  23. Photo of Gokul Pandey

    Gokul Pandey Sound

  24. Photo of Kuldip Sood

    Kuldip Sood Sound