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  1. Photo of Christine Laurent

    Christine Laurent Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Martine de Clermont-Tonnerre

    Martine de Clermont-Tonnerre Producer

  3. Photo of Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre

    Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre Cast

  4. Photo of Marc Ruchmann

    Marc Ruchmann Cast

  5. Photo of Teresa Madruga

    Teresa Madruga Cast

  6. Photo of Luís Miguel Cintra

    Luís Miguel Cintra Cast

  7. Photo of Adriano Luz

    Adriano Luz Cast

  8. Photo of Vladimir Léon

    Vladimir Léon Cast

  9. Photo of Beatriz Batarda

    Beatriz Batarda Cast

  10. Photo of Diogo Dória

    Diogo Dória Cast

  11. Photo of Sofia Marques

    Sofia Marques Cast

  12. Photo of Vladimir Consigny

    Vladimir Consigny Cast

  13. Photo of Lolita Chammah

    Lolita Chammah Cast

  14. Photo of Carloto Cotta

    Carloto Cotta Cast

  15. Photo of Bruno Nogueira

    Bruno Nogueira Cast

  16. Photo of Ricardo Aibéo

    Ricardo Aibéo Cast

  17. Photo of João Grosso

    João Grosso Cast

  18. Photo of Rita Durão

    Rita Durão Cast

  19. Photo of André Szankowski

    André Szankowski Cinematography

  20. Photo of Rita Cerveira

    Rita Cerveira Sound

  21. Photo of Sandro Aguilar

    Sandro Aguilar Editing

  22. Photo of Carlos Subtil

    Carlos Subtil Production Design

  23. Photo of Manuel Mozos

    Manuel Mozos Cast

  24. Photo of Márcio Laranjeira

    Márcio Laranjeira Cast

  25. Photo of Luís Urbano

    Luís Urbano Cast

  26. Photo of Luís Lima Barreto

    Luís Lima Barreto Cast

  27. Photo of Dinis Gomes

    Dinis Gomes Cast

  28. Photo of José Manuel Mendes

    José Manuel Mendes Cast

  29. Photo of Duarte Guimarães

    Duarte Guimarães Cast

  30. Photo of Paulo Guilherme

    Paulo Guilherme Cast

  31. Photo of Angela Cerveira

    Angela Cerveira Cast