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  1. Photo of Francis Ford Coppola

    Francis Ford Coppola Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Jack Hill

    Jack Hill Screenplay

  3. Photo of William Campbell

    William Campbell Cast

  4. Photo of Luana Anders

    Luana Anders Cast

  5. Photo of Patrick Magee

    Patrick Magee Cast

  6. Photo of Bart Patton

    Bart Patton Cast

  7. Photo of Mary Mitchel

    Mary Mitchel Cast

  8. Photo of Eithne Dunne

    Eithne Dunne Cast

  9. Photo of Peter Read

    Peter Read Cast

  10. Photo of Karl Schanzer

    Karl Schanzer Cast

  11. Photo of Ron Perry

    Ron Perry Cast

  12. Photo of Derry O'Donavan

    Derry O'Donavan Cast

  13. Photo of Barbara Dowling

    Barbara Dowling Cast

  14. Photo of Charles Hannawalt

    Charles Hannawalt Cinematography

  15. Photo of Ronald Stein

    Ronald Stein Music

  16. Photo of Roger Corman

    Roger Corman Producer

  17. Photo of Morton Tubor

    Morton Tubor Editing

  18. Photo of Stuart O'Brien

    Stuart O'Brien Editing

  19. Photo of Donald Shebib

    Donald Shebib Editing

  20. Photo of Liam Saurin

    Liam Saurin Sound

  21. Photo of Joseph Gross

    Joseph Gross Sound

  22. Photo of Al Locatelli

    Al Locatelli Art Department