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  1. Diego Ruscitto's rating of the film Demons

  2. Nicholas Gregory's rating of the film Demons

    While the irony of the narratives connection to its horror-movie-within-a-movie metaness may turn out clever, it initially slugs the pace down (even the 20-odd minutes for things to go bonkers feels like eternity) but once it picks up it’s a weird kind of dumb-scary. As few films watched with unnatural and cheesy dubbing still remain frightening and exhilarating due to their sheer morbid gruesomeness as here.

  3. Liara K.'s rating of the film Demons

    Knowingly exaggerated and very, very 80s, DEMONS is more cleverly written and carefully thought out than most people give it credit for. The airshaft scene could be one of the tales in Mario Bava's BLACK SABBATH, though it is better in conception than in execution. Some of Sergio Stivaletti's special effects work remains strikingly effective.

  4. Mat Thias's rating of the film Demons

    Excessive body horror sequences tied together by cringy dialogues.. my favourite scenes definitely revolved around the Berlin punks snorting coke out of a cola-can. Btw, am I the only one who thought that he film-in-the-film was less a clever meta-commentary than a simply effective plot device?

  5. sior Vanni's rating of the film Demons

    I love these saturated primary colors, but I far prefer the sequel. I've watched this twice and have had to fight hard past my boredom both times. Fulci must have been proud of the final (anti-climactic) killing.

  6. Levi Miah's rating of the film Demons

    Vomit spewing evil is unleashed in a theatre and people must try to survive and escape. Gory, panicked madness grounded in nihilism ensues. It purely and unconsciously embraces its time, making all the "bad" aspects seem to work together in service of impeccable style and atmosphere aided by a funky score and saturated, hard lit colour palette.This is the magic that '10s nostalgia cinema tries to recreate.

  7. EdieMaas's rating of the film Demons

    Masks, screens, mirrors... Where're the Lacanians at?! This is great! Much fun - minus the downer of an ending, in which the world devolves into some all-too-imaginable NRA wet dream scenario (analyze *that* dream). Plot holes so evenly distributed through the film that you wonder whether info wasn't actually strategically (gleefully?) *removed* from the script, in some diabolical stroke of directorial genius... 3.5

  8. kartina obskura's rating of the film Demons

    it's horrible. but has a soul, gotta admit.

  9. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film Demons

    Italian horror splatter movie with a great soundtrack of hard rock favorites. It is fast paced with memorable disgusting scenes of grotesque makeup and memorable blood effects. Filled with crazy twists and the ending is surprisingly depressing. But, why the hell go a blind man to a horror movie? The film is filled with stupid characters like an over-the-top pimp, and unlikable drug addicts. Clumsy editing too.

  10. Billy Casper's World's rating of the film Demons

    A difficult film to review and rate. In terms of when it was made it's setting in a cinema theatre, it's image and it's gore are symbolic of the 1980s. It may be flawed but it as a nostalgic cinematic charm. Panic and hysteria works so well in cinema and in a cinema setting. Nowadays demons would be set in our homes with big TVs, kindles and smartphones, replacing the cinema, and fancy S/FX replacing the messy gore.

  11. the_mentaculus's rating of the film Demons

    A post-modern, post-giallo for the post-Mulvey era. It's so self-aware, there is a blind film fan named Herzog who calls attention to the inherent spirituality of the movie theater (and only after getting his blind eyes poked out.) So even in this goofy slime, it's meta tendencies in breaking the fourth wall take on a few amusing meanings. Would make a great companion piece to The Church. Also, it's mildly racist.

  12. Corey's rating of the film Demons

    Sooooo campy! Hilariously bad acting. Fun movie to watch.

  13. Diderot's rating of the film Demons

    An ultra-stylish gore movie-- but what the fuck is up with the movie theater usher, and why is it never explained?

  14. Kurt Tuohy's rating of the film Demons

    Proof that you don't need great characters, actors, or plots to make a great movie.

  15. atk.smith's rating of the film Demons

    This is an amazingly funny gore movie from the master of the genre, Dario Argento. The pastiche of eighties type themes that emerge successively is hilarious. The soundtrack, the acting, and the script are all wonderfully camp. Love it.

  16. Erin Nordqvist's rating of the film Demons

    This film is straight parmesan. It is a gory 80s film that constantly makes you ask the question "why would you do that"...but then again most thrillers have that effect. All in all, if you like cheesy scary movies that do a semi decent job of keeping you on your toes, this is your movie.

  17. filmotrope's rating of the film Demons

    Nobody can say that Bava doesn't have complete control of his camera, but when it comes to everything else - performances, dialogue, mise-en-scène and even his sense of geography in the scenes -, it's all ridiculous and hilarious in the same measure, especially those amazing gory moments. http://www.filmotrope.com

  18. Zac's rating of the film Demons

    For a movie in the 1980's movie I expected nothing less. Simple teen horror film that horror films have been copying for years. I thoroughly enjoyed it for the corniness and predictable next moves.

  19. Ben Loory's rating of the film Demons

    i love horror movies but this is some serious meathead shit

  20. David R Williams's rating of the film Demons

    Argento. Bava. Demons. 80s Italian gore. Stupid but fun. What else do you need?

  21. Nolan Barth's rating of the film Demons

    What. The. Fuck. What did I just watch? For about the first 30 to 45 mins I wasn't that engaged. It had some nifty gore effects and a cool premise, but it just wasn't holding my attention. However, after a certain point it is almost like the people behind the scenes just threw their hands in the air and said "FUCK IT!" This is a weird, absurd little horror film that I can't wait to watch over and over again!

  22. Ren Cook's rating of the film Demons

    exactly what you'd think it would be. visually stimulating and camp

  23. Honeychurch's rating of the film Demons

    A lot of fun. I will always remember it fondly as the film that introduced me to Urbano Barberini's arms. and omg-- that soundtrack!!!!

  24. Slappy McGee's rating of the film Demons

    (2.5 stars) Exactly what you would expect from an 80's cheesy horror flick. Lots of gore... hell, TONS of gore. No character development, of course. Just lots of screaming, snarling and biting. These are more zombies than demons, I would say. It's got a synth 80's soundtrack... and - oh my - those glorious hairstyles. Heh. It's good mindless horror fun.

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