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  1. Photo of Federico Lagna

    Federico Lagna Director, Screenplay, Executive Producer Editing

  2. Photo of Mariachiara Squassino

    Mariachiara Squassino Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Joe Vignola

    Joe Vignola Screenplay

  4. Photo of Francesco Collinelli

    Francesco Collinelli Cinematography

  5. Photo of Dil Gabriele Dell'Aiera

    Dil Gabriele Dell'Aiera Cast

  6. Photo of Elisa Lombardo

    Elisa Lombardo Cast

  7. Photo of Davide Borsello

    Davide Borsello Cast

  8. Photo of Giulia Brenna

    Giulia Brenna Cast

  9. Photo of Linda Messerklinger

    Linda Messerklinger Cast

  10. Photo of Omar Ramero

    Omar Ramero Cast

  11. Photo of Oliviero Corbetta

    Oliviero Corbetta Cast

  12. Photo of Cecilia Ropolo

    Cecilia Ropolo Production Design

  13. Photo of Mauro Fede

    Mauro Fede Music

  14. Photo of Edoardo Pezzuto

    Edoardo Pezzuto Sound

  15. Photo of Giulia Paschetta

    Giulia Paschetta Costume Design