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  1. Photo of Erik Balling

    Erik Balling Director

  2. Photo of Gustav Esmann

    Gustav Esmann Screenplay

  3. Photo of John Hilbard

    John Hilbard Screenplay

  4. Photo of Arvid Müller

    Arvid Müller Screenplay

  5. Photo of Arne Abrahamsen

    Arne Abrahamsen Cinematography

  6. Photo of Jørgen Skov

    Jørgen Skov Cinematography

  7. Photo of Gunnar Lauring

    Gunnar Lauring Cast

  8. Photo of Lise Ringheim

    Lise Ringheim Cast

  9. Photo of Bjørn Watt-Boolsen

    Bjørn Watt-Boolsen Cast

  10. Photo of Helle Virkner

    Helle Virkner Cast

  11. Photo of Jarl Kulle

    Jarl Kulle Cast

  12. Photo of Ghita Nørby

    Ghita Nørby Cast

  13. Photo of Ole Søltoft

    Ole Søltoft Cast

  14. Photo of Ebbe Langberg

    Ebbe Langberg Cast

  15. Photo of Henning Moritzen

    Henning Moritzen Cast

  16. Photo of Keld Markuslund

    Keld Markuslund Cast

  17. Photo of Buster Larsen

    Buster Larsen Cast

  18. Photo of Lily Broberg

    Lily Broberg Cast

  19. Photo of Susse Wold

    Susse Wold Cast

  20. Photo of Karl Stegger

    Karl Stegger Cast

  21. Photo of Lone Hertz

    Lone Hertz Cast

  22. Photo of Ejner Federspiel

    Ejner Federspiel Cast

  23. Photo of Louis Miehe-Renard

    Louis Miehe-Renard Cast

  24. Photo of Poul Thomsen

    Poul Thomsen Cast

  25. Photo of Henny Lindorff Buckhøj

    Henny Lindorff Buckhøj Cast

  26. Photo of Ernst Meyer

    Ernst Meyer Cast

  27. Photo of Lotte Tarp

    Lotte Tarp Cast

  28. Photo of Lis Adelvard

    Lis Adelvard Cast

  29. Photo of Poul Müller

    Poul Müller Cast

  30. Photo of Kai Rasch

    Kai Rasch Production Design

  31. Photo of Kai Normann Andersen

    Kai Normann Andersen Music

  32. Photo of Ib Glindemann

    Ib Glindemann Music

  33. Photo of Hans W. Sørensen

    Hans W. Sørensen Sound

  34. Photo of Inger Bjarne

    Inger Bjarne Costume Design

  35. Photo of Holger Blom

    Holger Blom Costume Design