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  1. Photo of Charles T. Kanganis

    Charles T. Kanganis Director

  2. Photo of Tim McCanlies

    Tim McCanlies Screenplay

  3. Photo of Jeff Schechter

    Jeff Schechter Screenplay

  4. Photo of Hank Ketcham

    Hank Ketcham Screenplay

  5. Photo of Don Rickles

    Don Rickles Cast

  6. Photo of George Kennedy

    George Kennedy Cast

  7. Photo of Justin Cooper

    Justin Cooper Cast

  8. Photo of Betty White

    Betty White Cast

  9. Photo of Brian Doyle-Murray

    Brian Doyle-Murray Cast

  10. Photo of Carrot Top

    Carrot Top Cast

  11. Photo of Dwier Brown

    Dwier Brown Cast

  12. Photo of Heidi Swedberg

    Heidi Swedberg Cast

  13. Photo of Alexa Vega

    Alexa Vega Cast

  14. Photo of Jacqueline Steiger

    Jacqueline Steiger Cast

  15. Photo of Danny Turner

    Danny Turner Cast

  16. Photo of Christopher Faloona

    Christopher Faloona Cinematography

  17. Photo of Graeme Revell

    Graeme Revell Music

  18. Photo of Joseph T. Garrity

    Joseph T. Garrity Production Design

  19. Photo of Robert F. Newmyer

    Robert F. Newmyer Producer

  20. Photo of Jeffrey Silver

    Jeffrey Silver Producer

  21. Photo of Ernest Chambers

    Ernest Chambers Executive Producer

  22. Photo of Jeffrey Reiner

    Jeffrey Reiner Editing

  23. Photo of Otis Van Osten

    Otis Van Osten Sound