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  1. Photo of Franz Schnyder

    Franz Schnyder Director, Producer, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Arnold Kübler

    Arnold Kübler Screenplay

  3. Photo of William Michael Treichlinger

    William Michael Treichlinger Screenplay

  4. Photo of Lazar Wechsler

    Lazar Wechsler Producer

  5. Photo of Robert Blum

    Robert Blum Music

  6. Photo of Konstantin Irmen-Tschet

    Konstantin Irmen-Tschet Cinematography

  7. Photo of Hans Heinrich Egger

    Hans Heinrich Egger Editing

  8. Photo of Hans Gaugler

    Hans Gaugler Cast

  9. Photo of Linda Geiser

    Linda Geiser Cast

  10. Photo of Thérèse Giehse

    Thérèse Giehse Cast

  11. Photo of Yvette Perrin

    Yvette Perrin Cast

  12. Photo of Heinz Reincke

    Heinz Reincke Cast

  13. Photo of Fred Tanner

    Fred Tanner Cast

  14. Photo of Hermann Wlach

    Hermann Wlach Cast

  15. Photo of Friedrich Braun

    Friedrich Braun Cast

  16. Photo of Max Haufler

    Max Haufler Cast

  17. Photo of Emil Hegetschweiler

    Emil Hegetschweiler Cast

  18. Photo of Heinrich Gretler

    Heinrich Gretler Cast

  19. Photo of Max Knapp

    Max Knapp Cast

  20. Photo of Willy Fueter

    Willy Fueter Cast