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  1. Photo of Axel Corti

    Axel Corti Director

  2. Photo of Helmu Andics

    Helmu Andics Screenplay

  3. Photo of Gorden C. Zahn

    Gorden C. Zahn Screenplay

  4. Photo of Kurt Weinzierl

    Kurt Weinzierl Cast

  5. Photo of Julia Gschnitzer

    Julia Gschnitzer Cast

  6. Photo of Helmut Wlasak

    Helmut Wlasak Cast

  7. Photo of Hugo Gottschlich

    Hugo Gottschlich Cast

  8. Photo of Michael Toost

    Michael Toost Cast

  9. Photo of Fritz Schmiedel

    Fritz Schmiedel Cast

  10. Photo of Hermann Kutscher

    Hermann Kutscher Cast

  11. Photo of Hans Kraßnitzer

    Hans Kraßnitzer Cast

  12. Photo of Rose Dybal

    Rose Dybal Cast

  13. Photo of Walter Jokisch

    Walter Jokisch Cast

  14. Photo of Guido Wieland

    Guido Wieland Cast

  15. Photo of Walter Kindler

    Walter Kindler Cinematography

  16. Photo of Gabriel Bauer

    Gabriel Bauer Production Design

  17. Photo of Werner Murawski

    Werner Murawski Producer

  18. Photo of Ernst Niesner

    Ernst Niesner Producer

  19. Photo of Erika Geiger

    Erika Geiger Editing

  20. Photo of Kurt Schwarz

    Kurt Schwarz Sound

  21. Photo of Franz Speckmayer

    Franz Speckmayer Sound

  22. Photo of Lucia Giebisch

    Lucia Giebisch Costume Design