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  1. Photo of Bernhard Giger

    Bernhard Giger Director

  2. Photo of Martin Hennig

    Martin Hennig Screenplay

  3. Photo of Mathias Gnädinger

    Mathias Gnädinger Cast

  4. Photo of Peter Freiburghaus

    Peter Freiburghaus Cast

  5. Photo of Paul Born

    Paul Born Cast

  6. Photo of Janet Haufler

    Janet Haufler Cast

  7. Photo of Eva Schär

    Eva Schär Cast

  8. Photo of Christof Vorster

    Christof Vorster Cast

  9. Photo of Pio Corradi

    Pio Corradi Cinematography

  10. Photo of Fee Liechti

    Fee Liechti Editing

  11. Photo of Benedikt Jeger

    Benedikt Jeger Music

  12. Photo of Edi Hubschmid

    Edi Hubschmid Producer