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  1. Photo of Heinz Helbig

    Heinz Helbig Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Jacob Geis

    Jacob Geis Screenplay

  3. Photo of Karl Schulz

    Karl Schulz Producer

  4. Photo of Leo Leux

    Leo Leux Music

  5. Photo of Karl Puth

    Karl Puth Cinematography

  6. Photo of Margarete Steinborn

    Margarete Steinborn Editing

  7. Photo of Hans Sohnle

    Hans Sohnle Production Design

  8. Photo of Josef Zora

    Josef Zora Sound

  9. Photo of Hans Moser

    Hans Moser Cast

  10. Photo of Maria Andergast

    Maria Andergast Cast

  11. Photo of Elise Aulinger

    Elise Aulinger Cast

  12. Photo of Leo Slezak

    Leo Slezak Cast

  13. Photo of Hermann Brix

    Hermann Brix Cast

  14. Photo of Thea Aichbichler

    Thea Aichbichler Cast

  15. Photo of Hans Junkermann

    Hans Junkermann Cast

  16. Photo of Julia Serda

    Julia Serda Cast

  17. Photo of Rudolf Sch√ľndler

    Rudolf Sch√ľndler Cast

  18. Photo of Fritz Odemar

    Fritz Odemar Cast

  19. Photo of Paul Westermeier

    Paul Westermeier Cast

  20. Photo of Friedrich Ulmer

    Friedrich Ulmer Cast

  21. Photo of Egon Brosig

    Egon Brosig Cast

  22. Photo of Karl Skraup

    Karl Skraup Cast

  23. Photo of Hans Schulz

    Hans Schulz Cast

  24. Photo of Ludwig Schmid-Wildy

    Ludwig Schmid-Wildy Cast

  25. Photo of Heinrich Hauser

    Heinrich Hauser Cast

  26. Photo of Klaus Pohl

    Klaus Pohl Cast