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  1. Photo of Harald Reinl

    Harald Reinl Director

  2. Photo of Ottmar Ostermayr

    Ottmar Ostermayr Producer

  3. Photo of Peter Ostermayr

    Peter Ostermayr Screenplay

  4. Photo of Josef Illig

    Josef Illig Cinematography

  5. Photo of Franz Koch

    Franz Koch Cinematography

  6. Photo of Erich Auer

    Erich Auer Cast

  7. Photo of Ingeborg Cornelius

    Ingeborg Cornelius Cast

  8. Photo of Willy Rösner

    Willy Rösner Cast

  9. Photo of Elfie Pertramer

    Elfie Pertramer Cast

  10. Photo of Paul Richter

    Paul Richter Cast

  11. Photo of Walter Sedlmayer

    Walter Sedlmayer Cast

  12. Photo of Adolf Schlyssleder

    Adolf Schlyssleder Editing

  13. Photo of Max Seefelder

    Max Seefelder Production Design

  14. Photo of Giuseppe Becce

    Giuseppe Becce Music

  15. Photo of Fred Rauch

    Fred Rauch Music

  16. Photo of Hans Wunschel

    Hans Wunschel Sound

  17. Photo of Maria Berghammer

    Maria Berghammer Costume Design

  18. Photo of Anton Lanner

    Anton Lanner Costume Design