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  1. Photo of Axel von Ambesser

    Axel von Ambesser Director

  2. Photo of Curth Flatow

    Curth Flatow Screenplay

  3. Photo of Eckart Hachfeld

    Eckart Hachfeld Screenplay

  4. Photo of Heinz Rühmann

    Heinz Rühmann Cast

  5. Photo of Wera Frydtberg

    Wera Frydtberg Cast

  6. Photo of Gert Fröbe

    Gert Fröbe Cast

  7. Photo of Bruni Löbel

    Bruni Löbel Cast

  8. Photo of Ernst Fritz Fürbringer

    Ernst Fritz Fürbringer Cast

  9. Photo of Hans Leibelt

    Hans Leibelt Cast

  10. Photo of Franz-Otto Krüger

    Franz-Otto Krüger Cast

  11. Photo of Klaus Löwitsch

    Klaus Löwitsch Cast

  12. Photo of Ernst Reinhold

    Ernst Reinhold Cast

  13. Photo of Michael Verhoeven

    Michael Verhoeven Cast

  14. Photo of Peter Vogel

    Peter Vogel Cast

  15. Photo of Axel Scholtz

    Axel Scholtz Cast

  16. Photo of Hans Zander

    Hans Zander Cast

  17. Photo of Peter Kraus

    Peter Kraus Cast

  18. Photo of Willy Auerswald

    Willy Auerswald Cast

  19. Photo of Helmut Brasch

    Helmut Brasch Cast

  20. Photo of Gustl Datz

    Gustl Datz Cast

  21. Photo of Heinz-Leo Fischer

    Heinz-Leo Fischer Cast

  22. Photo of Franz Fröhlich

    Franz Fröhlich Cast

  23. Photo of Alexander Hunzinger

    Alexander Hunzinger Cast

  24. Photo of Rosl Mayr

    Rosl Mayr Cast

  25. Photo of Stefan Neuner

    Stefan Neuner Cast

  26. Photo of Walter Sedlmayr

    Walter Sedlmayr Cast

  27. Photo of Walter Karl Gussmann

    Walter Karl Gussmann Cast

  28. Photo of Karin Baal

    Karin Baal Cast

  29. Photo of Fritz Wepper

    Fritz Wepper Cast

  30. Photo of Erich Claunigk

    Erich Claunigk Cinematography

  31. Photo of Raimund Rosenberger

    Raimund Rosenberger Music

  32. Photo of Hans Berthel

    Hans Berthel Production Design

  33. Photo of Robert Stratil

    Robert Stratil Production Design

  34. Photo of Claus Hardt

    Claus Hardt Producer

  35. Photo of Kurt Ulrich

    Kurt Ulrich Producer

  36. Photo of Walter Boos

    Walter Boos Editing

  37. Photo of Ernst Mark

    Ernst Mark Sound