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  1. Photo of Robert Wiene

    Robert Wiene Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Louis Nerz

    Louis Nerz Screenplay

  3. Photo of Hugo van Hofmannsthal

    Hugo van Hofmannsthal Screenplay

  4. Photo of Michael Bohnen

    Michael Bohnen Cast

  5. Photo of Huguette Duflos

    Huguette Duflos Cast

  6. Photo of Paul Hartmann

    Paul Hartmann Cast

  7. Photo of Jaque Catelain

    Jaque Catelain Cast

  8. Photo of Elly Felicie Berger

    Elly Felicie Berger Cast

  9. Photo of Carmen Cartellieri

    Carmen Cartellieri Cast

  10. Photo of Karl Forest

    Karl Forest Cast

  11. Photo of Friedrich Feher

    Friedrich Feher Cast

  12. Photo of Hans Androschin

    Hans Androschin Cinematography

  13. Photo of Ludwig Schaschek

    Ludwig Schaschek Cinematography

  14. Photo of Hans Theyer

    Hans Theyer Cinematography

  15. Photo of Richard Strauss

    Richard Strauss Music

  16. Photo of Theodor Bachrich

    Theodor Bachrich Producer