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  1. Photo of Dominique Othenin-Girard

    Dominique Othenin-Girard Director

  2. Photo of Holger Karsten Schmidt

    Holger Karsten Schmidt Screenplay

  3. Photo of Aglaia Szyszkowitz

    Aglaia Szyszkowitz Cast

  4. Photo of Marisa Leonie Bach

    Marisa Leonie Bach Cast

  5. Photo of Ettore Bassi

    Ettore Bassi Cast

  6. Photo of Bendikt Bauer

    Bendikt Bauer Cast

  7. Photo of Gregor Baumgartner

    Gregor Baumgartner Cast

  8. Photo of Gedeon Burkhard

    Gedeon Burkhard Cast

  9. Photo of Lorenzo Caccialanza

    Lorenzo Caccialanza Cast

  10. Photo of Rosalinda Celentano

    Rosalinda Celentano Cast

  11. Photo of Michelangelo Deodato

    Michelangelo Deodato Cast

  12. Photo of Helfried Edlinger

    Helfried Edlinger Cast

  13. Photo of Peter Faerber

    Peter Faerber Cast

  14. Photo of Serge Falck

    Serge Falck Cast

  15. Photo of Gunther Gillian

    Gunther Gillian Cast

  16. Photo of Daniela Giordano

    Daniela Giordano Cast

  17. Photo of Karlheinz Hackl

    Karlheinz Hackl Cast

  18. Photo of Jana Hubinská

    Jana Hubinská Cast

  19. Photo of Angelo Infanti

    Angelo Infanti Cast

  20. Photo of Flavio Insinna

    Flavio Insinna Cast

  21. Photo of Kimberly Kampusch

    Kimberly Kampusch Cast

  22. Photo of Verena Leitner

    Verena Leitner Cast

  23. Photo of Alexander Linhardt

    Alexander Linhardt Cast

  24. Photo of Alexander Lutz

    Alexander Lutz Cast

  25. Photo of Christoph Moosbrugger

    Christoph Moosbrugger Cast

  26. Photo of Götz Otto

    Götz Otto Cast

  27. Photo of Dominic Raacke

    Dominic Raacke Cast

  28. Photo of Michael Reale

    Michael Reale Cast

  29. Photo of Balazc Schallberg

    Balazc Schallberg Cast

  30. Photo of Olivia Silhavy

    Olivia Silhavy Cast

  31. Photo of Heidi Stahl

    Heidi Stahl Cast

  32. Photo of Roswitha Szyszkowitz

    Roswitha Szyszkowitz Cast

  33. Photo of August Zirner

    August Zirner Cast

  34. Photo of Boris Ausserer

    Boris Ausserer Producer

  35. Photo of Andreas Payer

    Andreas Payer Producer

  36. Photo of Oliver Schündler

    Oliver Schündler Executive Producer and Producer

  37. Photo of Oswald Wolkenstein

    Oswald Wolkenstein Executive Producer

  38. Photo of Aldo De Scalzi

    Aldo De Scalzi Music

  39. Photo of Pivio De Scalzi

    Pivio De Scalzi Music

  40. Photo of Gunnar Fuss

    Gunnar Fuss Cinematography

  41. Photo of Gisela Haller

    Gisela Haller Editing

  42. Photo of Gerald Damovsky

    Gerald Damovsky Production Design

  43. Photo of Daniel Dietenberger

    Daniel Dietenberger Sound