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  1. Photo of Tom Toelle

    Tom Toelle Director

  2. Photo of Hans Fallada

    Hans Fallada Screenplay

  3. Photo of Ulrich Plenzdorf

    Ulrich Plenzdorf Screenplay

  4. Photo of Harald Juhnke

    Harald Juhnke Cast

  5. Photo of Jutta Wachowiak

    Jutta Wachowiak Cast

  6. Photo of Deborah Kaufmann

    Deborah Kaufmann Cast

  7. Photo of Eberhard Esche

    Eberhard Esche Cast

  8. Photo of Christian Grashof

    Christian Grashof Cast

  9. Photo of Dietrich Körner

    Dietrich Körner Cast

  10. Photo of Thomas Neumann

    Thomas Neumann Cast

  11. Photo of Mey Lan Chao

    Mey Lan Chao Cast

  12. Photo of Dietmar Huhn

    Dietmar Huhn Cast

  13. Photo of Raidar Müller-Elmau

    Raidar Müller-Elmau Cast

  14. Photo of Stefan Parschauer

    Stefan Parschauer Cast

  15. Photo of Veit Schubert

    Veit Schubert Cast

  16. Photo of Achim Poulheim

    Achim Poulheim Cinematography

  17. Photo of Jürgen Knieper

    Jürgen Knieper Music

  18. Photo of Götz Heymann

    Götz Heymann Production Design

  19. Photo of Martin Wiebel

    Martin Wiebel Producer

  20. Photo of Karin Nowarra

    Karin Nowarra Editing

  21. Photo of Christian Moldt

    Christian Moldt Sound

  22. Photo of Max Rammler-Rogall

    Max Rammler-Rogall Sound

  23. Photo of Helmut Röttgen

    Helmut Röttgen Sound

  24. Photo of Ingrid Zoré

    Ingrid Zoré Costume Design