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  1. Photo of Ali Hatami

    Ali Hatami Director, Production Design Screenplay

  2. Photo of Behrouz Vossoughi

    Behrouz Vossoughi Cast

  3. Photo of Jamashid Mashayekhi

    Jamashid Mashayekhi Cast

  4. Photo of Fakhri Khorvash

    Fakhri Khorvash Cast

  5. Photo of Shohreh Aghdashloo

    Shohreh Aghdashloo Cast

  6. Photo of Akbar Meshkin

    Akbar Meshkin Cast

  7. Photo of Rogheyeh Chehreh0Azad

    Rogheyeh Chehreh0Azad Cast

  8. Photo of Saeed Nikpoor

    Saeed Nikpoor Cast

  9. Photo of Jahangir Forouhar

    Jahangir Forouhar Cast

  10. Photo of Minoo Abrishami

    Minoo Abrishami Cast

  11. Photo of Atash Khayyer

    Atash Khayyer Cast

  12. Photo of Saeed Amir Soleymani

    Saeed Amir Soleymani Cast

  13. Photo of Esfandiar Mavandadi

    Esfandiar Mavandadi Cast

  14. Photo of Abdollah Yaghuti

    Abdollah Yaghuti Cast

  15. Photo of Mahmoud Basiri

    Mahmoud Basiri Cast

  16. Photo of Houshang Baharlou

    Houshang Baharlou Cinematography

  17. Photo of Ali Abbasi

    Ali Abbasi Producer

  18. Photo of Musa Afshar

    Musa Afshar Editing