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  1. Photo of Hans Székely

    Hans Székely Screenplay

  2. Photo of Robert A. Stemmle

    Robert A. Stemmle Screenplay

  3. Photo of Edwin Justus Mayer

    Edwin Justus Mayer Screenplay

  4. Photo of Waldemar Young

    Waldemar Young Screenplay

  5. Photo of Samuel Hoffenstein

    Samuel Hoffenstein Screenplay

  6. Photo of Vincent Lawrence

    Vincent Lawrence Screenplay

  7. Photo of Benn W. Levy

    Benn W. Levy Screenplay

  8. Photo of Marlene Dietrich

    Marlene Dietrich Cast

  9. Photo of Gary Cooper

    Gary Cooper Cast

  10. Photo of Akim Tamiroff

    Akim Tamiroff Cast

  11. Photo of Alan Mowbray

    Alan Mowbray Cast

  12. Photo of Zeffie Tilbury

    Zeffie Tilbury Cast

  13. Photo of John Halliday

    John Halliday Cast

  14. Photo of William Frawley

    William Frawley Cast

  15. Photo of Ernest Cossart

    Ernest Cossart Cast

  16. Photo of Stanley Andrews

    Stanley Andrews Cast

  17. Photo of Charles Lang

    Charles Lang Cinematography

  18. Photo of Victor Milner

    Victor Milner Cinematography

  19. Photo of Friedrich Hollaender

    Friedrich Hollaender Music

  20. Photo of Hans Dreier

    Hans Dreier Production Design

  21. Photo of Robert Usher

    Robert Usher Production Design

  22. Photo of Ernst Lubitsch

    Ernst Lubitsch Producer

  23. Photo of Frank Borzage

    Frank Borzage Producer and Director

  24. Photo of Henry Herzbrun

    Henry Herzbrun Executive Producer

  25. Photo of William Shea

    William Shea Editing