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  1. Photo of Felix de Rooy

    Felix de Rooy Director

  2. Photo of Norman de Palm

    Norman de Palm Screenplay and Producer

  3. Photo of Marianne Rolle

    Marianne Rolle Cast

  4. Photo of Dan Strayhorn

    Dan Strayhorn Cast

  5. Photo of Cynthia Belgrave

    Cynthia Belgrave Cast

  6. Photo of Joanne Jacobson

    Joanne Jacobson Cast

  7. Photo of Askina Touree

    Askina Touree Cast

  8. Photo of Maxwell Glanville

    Maxwell Glanville Cast

  9. Photo of Eric Hines

    Eric Hines Cast

  10. Photo of Patrick Sullivan

    Patrick Sullivan Cast

  11. Photo of Roberto Watson

    Roberto Watson Cast

  12. Photo of Kira Goodman

    Kira Goodman Cast

  13. Photo of Ernest R. Dickerson

    Ernest R. Dickerson Cinematography

  14. Photo of Ronald Snijders

    Ronald Snijders Music

  15. Photo of Edgar Burcksen

    Edgar Burcksen Editing

  16. Photo of Jacobus Marcus

    Jacobus Marcus Editing