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  1. Photo of Claudio Camarca

    Claudio Camarca Screenplay

  2. Photo of Billy DaMota

    Billy DaMota Screenplay

  3. Photo of Andreas Marfori

    Andreas Marfori Screenplay, Executive Producer Director

  4. Photo of Traci Lords

    Traci Lords Cast

  5. Photo of Elizabeth Kaitan

    Elizabeth Kaitan Cast

  6. Photo of Van Quattro

    Van Quattro Cast

  7. Photo of Rena Niehaus

    Rena Niehaus Cast

  8. Photo of Randi Ingerman

    Randi Ingerman Cast

  9. Photo of Denise Crosby

    Denise Crosby Cast

  10. Photo of Nicoletta Boris

    Nicoletta Boris Cast

  11. Photo of Marco Isoli

    Marco Isoli Cinematography

  12. Photo of Adriano Maria Vitali

    Adriano Maria Vitali Music

  13. Photo of Augusta Dulio

    Augusta Dulio Production Design

  14. Photo of Agnese Fontana

    Agnese Fontana Producer

  15. Photo of Franco Columbu

    Franco Columbu Executive Producer and Cast

  16. Photo of T. Beauclerc Rogers IV

    T. Beauclerc Rogers IV Executive Producer

  17. Photo of Dark Niblo

    Dark Niblo Editing

  18. Photo of Mario Iaquone

    Mario Iaquone Sound