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  1. Photo of Kenji Misumi

    Kenji Misumi Director

  2. Photo of Renzaburô Shibata

    Renzaburô Shibata Screenplay

  3. Photo of Kaneto Shindô

    Kaneto Shindô Screenplay

  4. Photo of Raizô Ichikawa

    Raizô Ichikawa Cast

  5. Photo of Shigeru Amachi

    Shigeru Amachi Cast

  6. Photo of Masayo Banri

    Masayo Banri Cast

  7. Photo of Shiho Fujimura

    Shiho Fujimura Cast

  8. Photo of Mayumi Nagisa

    Mayumi Nagisa Cast

  9. Photo of Junichiro Narita

    Junichiro Narita Cast

  10. Photo of Matasaburo Tamba

    Matasaburo Tamba Cast

  11. Photo of Teru Tomota

    Teru Tomota Cast

  12. Photo of Eijirô Yanagi

    Eijirô Yanagi Cast

  13. Photo of Shozo Honda

    Shozo Honda Cinematography

  14. Photo of Ichirô Saitô

    Ichirô Saitô Music

  15. Photo of Kanji Suganuma

    Kanji Suganuma Editing

  16. Photo of Masao Oosumi

    Masao Oosumi Sound