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  1. Photo of Bodil Ipsen

    Bodil Ipsen Director

  2. Photo of Lau Lauritzen

    Lau Lauritzen Director and Cast

  3. Photo of Johannes Allen

    Johannes Allen Screenplay

  4. Photo of Gerhard Rasmussen

    Gerhard Rasmussen Screenplay

  5. Photo of Johannes Meyer

    Johannes Meyer Cast

  6. Photo of Lisbeth Movin

    Lisbeth Movin Cast

  7. Photo of Ib Schönberg

    Ib Schönberg Cast

  8. Photo of Grethe Thordahl

    Grethe Thordahl Cast

  9. Photo of Oluf Bang

    Oluf Bang Cast

  10. Photo of Jørn Jeppesen

    Jørn Jeppesen Cast

  11. Photo of Agnes Phister-Andresen

    Agnes Phister-Andresen Cast

  12. Photo of Einar Juhl

    Einar Juhl Cast

  13. Photo of Emil Hass Christensen

    Emil Hass Christensen Cast

  14. Photo of Jakob Nielsen

    Jakob Nielsen Cast

  15. Photo of Else Albeck

    Else Albeck Cast

  16. Photo of Poul Müller

    Poul Müller Cast

  17. Photo of Louis Miehe-Renard

    Louis Miehe-Renard Cast

  18. Photo of Carl Heger

    Carl Heger Cast

  19. Photo of Rudolf Frederiksen

    Rudolf Frederiksen Cinematography

  20. Photo of Wera Iwanouw

    Wera Iwanouw Editing

  21. Photo of Bent Høyer

    Bent Høyer Sound